Translations/Interpreting Services

Translations of general and specialized texts from German into English.

As a native English speaker who has been living and working in Germany for many years, I am able to communicate the message to an English speaking audience without losing its original ‚feel’.

Interpreting Services to be offered as from mid-2014.

Written document correction/Editing Service

If you have any important documents e.g. CV’s, presentation slides, minutes of meetings etc., which you would like checked before sending them out, then this service is for you.

As I am very flexible and aware of the urgency of some of these documents, quick turnover times can be arranged.

Prices for translations and editing services are calculated according to length of document, level of difficulty, time needed to complete it and delivery date.

For a personal quote, please contact me.

Here you can see an example of a book which I have translated:
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